Business Management

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IC provides business management, professional development and consulting services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies and individuals. We service our clients needs in providing the precise resources and information designed for each individual project. We develop marketable talent & ideas to generate revenue streams. Whether you are seeking to produce a short film, create a website, shoot a music video; or develop a story idea into a film. Our company specializes in strategic creative solutions to help our clients determine the most effective way of reaching their goals. In addition to talent and career development services; Industry Consultants combines a collective clientele of industry professionals to provide services to enhance project performance. We act as a liaison with selected subcontractors and your company to negotiate terms that will develop and implement individual strategies. We are a results-oriented company that enlists only the most experienced professionals available. We provide background information, including biography, resume & photos of all the freelance consultants we hire on particular jobs. We pride ourselves in delivering successful projects designed to show quick results and establishing long-term relationships.

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